Born in Italy to English parents I have been working with my Father in the tourism sector for some time now. We have perfected the art of providing a luxury, villa based holiday at a very reasonable price.

I now only organize holidays specifically for Vegetarians, Vegans and those who are concerned with the origin of the products they eat.

We are here not only to show you the cultural sites of this beautiful area but also to show you how and where the food comes from and how to cook it.

Our holidays are based in Tuscany which offers vegetarians and vegans a complete and healthy diet: the inhabitants of this area are known in the rest of Italy as the "Mangia Fagioli" or "Bean Eaters" due to the wide variety of legumes found in their traditional dishes. Other traditional food includes mushrooms, various kinds of wheat, the best olive oil in Italy and of course an infinite variety of vegetables and fruit.

I was a vegetarian for ten years and recently turned vegan, a decision based on concerns about animal welfare, the welfare of the planet, and my own health. I'm very lucky to live in a place that allows me to eat fresh healthy products of which I often know the origin personally which makes my life as a vegan easier and healthier.

The way I live my life and I choose what to eat makes it very easy for me to understand the needs of other people who share some or all of my ideas. The long experience in the this job allows me to combine the two things together to offer a great holiday, at an affordable price, free from the worry of what will be on the menu or in the dish, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or simply concerned with the origin of what you are eating.

Elisabeth Arthur